Born and raised in Amsterdam, DJ producer Sounyos stands for an organic and sustainable house sound with influences from all over the world. Sounyos grew up in a family that traveled all over the globe and as a young kid he learned to appreciate all kinds of music from various continents. He loves to use native instruments in his outspoken organic and deep house mixes and he is not afraid to cross musical borders.


Neal McClelland, Brandon Block, Eelke Kleijn, Ken Fan [Cafe Del Mar Ibiza], Andy Spinelli [Cafe del Mar] Maynard | Dance Anthems Radio Show | Fresh 92.7 - Adelaide Australia, The BeatThiefs, Carmelo Carone, Marco Polo Cecere, Ernesto Altes, Jerry Bouthier, Mike Ivy, Alex P, Kiss FM | Australia, Felix Da Funk, Kiss FM [Ukraine], Christian Homan | RTE Pulse| Twilight, DJ Ron Slomowicz | Notabledance, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Nicka and many more!

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