"Chances are we're still in the studio"


Direct contact
Phone +31(0)202082188
Mobile & WhatsApp: +31(0)611493532
General Inquiries: info@cicgroup.nl
Licensing: licensing@cicgroup.nl
Press & PR: press@cicgroup.nl
Demos: demos@cicgroup.nl

De Droogmakerij 31B
1851 LX Heiloo
The Netherlands


“Contact us if you believe in our mission"

“We built CIC Music because we wanted to create a true home base for artists who believe in development and helping each other to get to a higher artistic level. Our purpose has been from the very start to offer an environment of trust, loyalty and inspiration for everyone we are working with.
A place where both our artists and employees have access to the best facilities, coaching and guidance so they are able to fully expand their talent. But also a place where we all can eat, drink and dream together.”

Henk-Maarten Chin