“When you improve your skills every day,
there is no limit to what you can achieve”

Talent development

Building knowledge and skills on top of artistry

One of the key departments of CIC Music is the CIC Music Academy. Here we teach, coach and guide vocalists, DJ’s, producers, composers and songwriters through a dedicated personal education program to fully expand their talent and develop their skills.

Tailor-made coaching

Our focus is and always will be on development. Because improving your skills on a daily basis is a precondition for success. From beginners who learn the basics at DJ School Noord-Holland to talented artists and professionals. Everyone with a heart for modern music has access to tailor-made practical learning programs and individual tutoring by experienced music industry professionals.


Our education programs cover different areas and are completely tailor made for every artist.
We provide tutorials and career guidance in the following areas:

- Professional DJ development
- Music production
- Singing & Artist development
- Songwriting and composing

If you want more information about a personal education program for DJs, producers, vocalists, singer-songwriters and composers, please send an email to info@cicgroup.nl or contact us on +31646162489.

“Artistry, however important this may be, is just the beginning when you want to build a successful career in music”.

“We built CIC Music because we wanted to create a true home base for artists who believe in development and helping each other to get to a higher artistic level. Our purpose has been from the very start to offer an environment of trust, loyalty and inspiration for everyone we are working with.
A place where both our artists and employees have access to the best facilities, coaching and guidance so they are able to fully expand their talent. But also a place where we all can eat, drink and dream together.”

Henk-Maarten Chin