"Protection and promotion of your artistry"


Rights administration

At CIC Music Publishing we administrate the rights of our songwriters in a personal and extremely accurate way with an in-house team of specialists. We protect the use of songs as well as collecting royalties owed from use and secure ‘synchronisation’ opportunities for all media, games and exploit other (non-media) commercial chances.


On the creative side we offer various promotion services for our content producers ranging from pitching songs to setting up co-writes and arranging effective remix opportunities.


As CIC Music Publishing we not only administer and promote the rights of our songwriters, but also create all kinds of music and media content with our own in-house music and media production team for a wide range of different clients. When you are interested in a collaboration with the CIC Music Production team please contact us on info@cicgroup.nl.

“Trust, loyalty and inspiration means an open approach and a fair share“

“We built CIC Music because we wanted to create a true home base for artists who believe in development and helping each other to get to a higher artistic level. Our purpose has been from the very start to offer an environment of trust, loyalty and inspiration for everyone we are working with.
A place where both our artists and employees have access to the best facilities, coaching and guidance so they are able to fully expand their talent. But also a place where we all can eat, drink and dream together.”

Henk-Maarten Chin