“The DJ is like the interior designer
of every single event”

Preferred Supplier

A complete club and restaurant experience

For a good menu you look for the best chef, for the right design of your restaurant or club you select the best interior designer and the tastiest cocktails are made by the most experienced bartender. So far, so good, but to complete the experience, you choose top DJs and music curators.

Perfect atmosphere

Preferred Supplier provides DJs and curators for the higher segment hotels, restaurants and clubs. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs, food & beverage departments and promoters by successfully creating the perfect atmosphere during parties, events, dinners and trade shows.

A different kind of DJ

The team of Preferred Supplier DJs and curators is specifically trained. A Preferred Supplier DJ and curator knows his music, always arrives on time, has a good appearance and is able to create the right atmosphere and a successful (and long-lasting) restaurant, lounge or club experience at any time.

24/7 helpdesk

The Preferred Supplier helpdesk handles every booking and every curator assignment with great care. We guarantee continuity and we handle all administrative matters professionally and transparently 24/7.


For inquiries please contact: bookings@cicgroup.nl or call direct +31646162489.

‘Every dish deserves its own music’

“We built CIC Music because we wanted to create a true home base for artists who believe in development and helping each other to get to a higher artistic level. Our purpose has been from the very start to offer an environment of trust, loyalty and inspiration for everyone we are working with.
A place where both our artists and employees have access to the best facilities, coaching and guidance so they are able to fully expand their talent. But also a place where we all can eat, drink and dream together.”

Henk-Maarten Chin