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At first glance Thijs Koning seems to be the perfect boy next door. Until you listen to his music...

The House sound of the young producer and DJ from Amsterdam triggers any listener with penetrating rhythms, unexpected melodies and futuristic self-developed tones. When it comes to music, Thijs Koning is innovative, controversial and passionate. As DJ his skills are impeccable and his catchy dance tracks capture the attention from the very first notes giving the old school House vibe a firm modern twist.

After establishing his name by winning a number of renowned artist talent contests in the Netherlands from the age of fourteen, Thijs has been growing as a producer and songwriter since then. Not surprisingly, he immediately received support from several big names in the House and dance scene with his debut single ‘Rock The House’. Thijs Koning is no doubt a next-gen Household name.

Supported by

Sam Divine
Dennis Ferrer
David Vendetta
and many more.

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