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Ambassadors of modern house Greg and Grandi find common ground when they both acknowledge the quality of the finer things in life such as music, art, food, cinema and their appreciation of originality and craftsmanship.

It was the beginning of the 2000 when the young talented producer Greg van Bueren started his run to the top of house music. In the following years he made his mark as an in- demand DJ/producer working with many top Dutch artists and releasing tracks on international labels like Defected, Toolroom, Ministry of Sound and many more. As part of Hardsoul, he has toured worldwide from Tokyo to Miami and topped the international house charts.

Creative director Donagrandi worked on acts and showcases around the world from Las Vegas (USA) to Hainan (China). This multi-talented entrepreneur is responsible for developing and influencing many Dutch dance acts through his work as a Promotor / Festival organizer and co-owner of a successful booking and talent agency. As a highly skilled DJ he is known for combining multiple musical genres into a stylish energetic mix that he has showcased in many clubs and festivals across Europe.

The two artists crossed paths in the Amsterdam club scene which resulted in a spontaneous back to back session during a packed night in the legendary Amsterdam club Air. From that time on, they started collaborating on several projects ultimately resulting in the start of Greg N Grandi. Wherever there is friction, there is fire. The clash of distinct attitudes and styles of both gentlemen creates a sexy and spiritual musical rollercoaster. The GNG sound can be best described as an elegant mix of different house styles with soul and funk influences. This combined with their high-end performance based on their talent skills and craftsmanship, guarantees an exclusive and unforgettable experience.

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“We built CIC Music because we wanted to create a true home base for artists who believe in development and helping each other to get to a higher artistic level. Our purpose has been from the very start to offer an environment of trust, loyalty and inspiration for everyone we are working with.
A place where both our artists and employees have access to the best facilities, coaching and guidance so they are able to fully expand their talent. But also a place where we all can eat, drink and dream together.”

Henk-Maarten Chin