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Aino is an experienced allround DJ who played in many clubs in different countries. He is able to conquer all kinds of parties, clubs and festivals of any size..

Artist background

It took a while before experienced DJ/Producer Aino finally found the music he was looking for. After several highlights as founder of the Vinyljackers in the era 2015-2019, winning the Dutch DJ Mag producer contest, creating the Anthem of Star Beach Greece, releasing originals with Chris Willis and officially remixing for Imagine Dragons, Aino decided to make a move as a solo artist. The search for his own personal sound took some time and effort, but in 2021 Aino moved closer and closer to what he was looking for. Collaborating with American official ‘Pokemon’ singer Jason Page dotted the i’s as Aino started producing a mix between Bass House, rock and pop. In his latest productions Aino shows that he is able to create a completely new and undefinable upbeat genre without losing his usual high standard of producing.

70’s, 80’s,90’s

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